About Us

Welcome to Summit Marine

Founded in 1989 with one simple concept - Design and manufacture the best hydraulic boat lift on the Market - anywhere. It started with a simplified version of the HL Series Lifts, 3 years earlier in 1986, to lift a 20’ Hydrostream tunnel. It was called the Genesis Sea Lift. Totally portable, clean looking, cable free, entirely hydraulic, fast, and completely powered with a self contained, safe 12 volt battery. It was a snap to assemble and easier to install than any of its winch and cable predecessors… With the advice of some close friends, and family, the Genesis Sea Lift made its debut at the Grand Rapids Boat Show in February 1990. Then again at the national dealer show IMTEC in 1992 – What was then, the first of its kind boat lift, is now, copied by several other major manufactures. That’s a nice compliment.

Our Foundation is pretty basic:

Start Simple Strive to be the best, always. Listen to your customers, always. Utilize the highest quality suppliers, always. Hire the most talented and dedicated people, always.

Grow Steady – We’ve enjoyed double digit growth thanks to you, our customers. You’ve told your friends, and they told their friends. We even have second generation customers. What a great compliment. Thank-you!

Stay Strong – Design products that solve problems, look great, and last longer than expected. We may never be the largest or the flashiest waterfront equipment company. Our only goal – to be the best, for you, our customer, you deserve it. Call us sometime and let us know how we’re doing.

Plan for the Future - Succession plan, so our company, products and service carries well into the future.

Protect Our Environment - Reduce our carbon footprint every year. Improvements made in the last few years include replacing all our lighting to energy saving CF fixtures, all our HVAC units are energy efficient rated and programmable controllers in the offices and factory. We've reduced our waste to less than 25% of what it was 3 years ago and our steel and aluminum scrap is 100% recycled. And now we're in the midst of going paperless in the office.  And of course all our hoists have biodegradable, EPA, DNR approved fluids.  We love the outdoors, shouldn't we do our best to keep it beautiful?

If you like what you see so far,step inside and see more of what we're all about...