Wake Park Rails

Wake Park Rails

 What happens when you combine 'Wake Park Peanut Butter with Hydraulic Cylinder Chololate....

Please help....  I'm not sure if I can stop this one...  It's late at night, we're still kicken' out Retract Lifts and I'm thinking how much fun the new Cable Park at Placid Waters is gonna' be...  The local brew is stoked about this one. 


 OK, wait... back up about   2 months - I received a   call from a very dear   friend and Pro Rider of   ours Andrew Adkison.     Andrew is working on a   Cable Park in Panama   City opening this fall and   has a friend working on   opening another Wake   Park this summer in   Texas and asked if I   would be interested in building docks for them....  Sounds like a riot.  Intense and Extreme... Sure.  I think maybe this might be a decent venue to discuss some ideas about aluminum tubular rails and kickers that retract in and out of the water using our Patented Retract System...  Now you see it - now you don't kind'a stuff.  So we've been working on ideas for about 2 years, (mostly on bar napkins at the weekly production meetings - the kind that no one is ever late for), and it hits me.  Let's step it up a notch.  Let's make a system that is going to challenge even the most insane riders out there...  Let's make it easy enough for beginners to master one of the most difficult wake board obstacles and difficult enough for the pros to walk (excuse me) crawl away from feeling the burn...  This is where it gets a bit dicey...    


Let's start with the Rail System.  72 intense feet long.  Don't worry it's a whopping foot wide.  HDPE top cover (high tech acronym for slipperier than snot - we call it STS).  It's a 5' drop, if you make it to the center.  And you will fall.  It's called a rainbow - today.  Smooth entry, smooth exit, nice arc throughout the mid section.  Hit it straight and hard enough to carry your speed without tugging on the cable too much and you'll do fine.  It'll be a rainbow for the next 24 hours, becauseyesterday, well, yesterday Scot and company drained the deep cycle batteries that control the 5 Retract Cylinders that change the shape of this mild manor, aluminum tubular constructed, HDPE covered rail into an instrument of death... Yesterday?  Let's see, it started out with the smooth entry, smooth exit rainbow.  Don't get me wrong, this is still a hand full...  But not enough.  Engage the hydraulic ram to raise the front nose and it's a 2 foot ollie.  Then raise the rear and it's a 3 foot drop...  but It's the mid sections that cause so much turmoil...  3 more cylinders control (3) 16 foot sections.  Straight, inverse arc, 2 tier up, 2 tier down, straight front elevated end, elevated front straight end...  You get the idea...  Adjust this, extend that, retract here and extend there....  Take a look at Scot busting out on the rail below....  (nice pic, Joe) 

 Sound like your kind of fun?  Stay tuned.  In the next few weeks we'll havephotos, testimonials of accomplishments and x-rays of bruised egos and maybe, somepics of Raley Jim throwin' it down.


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