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Summit Marine is proud to introduce you to our Pro Riders.  We call them Pro Riders because of what they do on the water, we sponsor them because they're great people off the water.  Their stories are as wild as their accomplishments are stellar, (their photos link to their websites).  When you see them at shows or events, please introduce yourself.  They love to talk 'the sport' and help others reach their potential, whether it's learning a new trick, or how best to 'teach you' to 'teach your kids' tricks.  While you're at it, ask them how they like their Retract Boat Lift (make sure you have a lot of extra time for that)....

(Coming Soon) Check our BLOG for the latest pro tips on proper carving, line loading, wake angle entry, ballast set up...  and more.

























 Nick Heaney

 Birthday: December 20th.
Born: Newcastle, England.
Live: Orlando, Florida
Height: 6’ 1”.
Weight: 185lbs.
Chest: 40 inches.
Boot: US 12.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Green.
Board: Hyperlite Motive 144.
Bindings: Hyperlite Parks. 
Boat: Mastercraft X-Star, with 350 MCX engine, 14x14.25 OJ prop plus Extra ballast – 2 fly-high side sacks in front 2 full size in back.
Favorite Music: House music. Great rock tracks.
Favorite Food: Fish from the Pacific. Pub food with pints. Thai.
Interests: Surfing perfect waves. Riding powder. Phat night clubs. Women.
Who/what motivates you: People who have found a way to be at the top of their game whilst still having fun.
Inspirations: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson.












 Fave Lake/Venue: Florida Keys, Largo del Salto Italy. Lake Almanore.

Career Highlights: Winning the European Tour and being the first rider to land a switch heelside 900 off the kicker while filming.
Best Wakeboarding Memory: Taking the Playboy Platmates of the year Wakeboarding in California.
Funniest Wakeboarding Moment: Tha Hamptons wake boardmagazine travel story trip with Kevco ,Zane, and Jb.





































Julz Heaney

Birthday: 26th April.
Born: Newcastle, England.
Live: Orlando, Florida.
Height: 6'
Weight: 175lbs.
Chest: 40 R.
Shoes: 12 US.
Hair: Brown + Blonde.
Eyes: Blue.
Board: 144 Hyperlite Motive.
Bindings: L Parks by Hyperlite.
Boat: Loaded Mastercraft X-star with extra ballast.
Favourite Music: My ipod, progresive house, Deep Dish, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren. Also 3 Doors Down, Red Hot Chillis, Nickelback.
Favourite Food: anything when I'm hungry! Indian, Sushi, Fish & Chips with Pints of Stella.
Interests: Snowboarding, surfing, goin out and having fun.........
Who/What Motivates you: People who know where they are going and aren't afraid to do something different.
Inspirations: My Brother, Dad and Family. Richard Branson, Jason Statham.
Favourite Lake/Venue: At home in Florida, the Vaal river in South Africa, Lake Powell.
Career Highlights: Top 3 on European tour, Top 10 on World Cup.
Best Wakeboarding Memory: Teaching the Playmate of the year and 4 other playmates how to wakeboard.
Funniest Wakeboarding Moment: Lake Powell photo shoot with my Brother and Parks.









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Andrew Adkison


Wakeboarding for me has never been just a past time. From the first time I stood up on a I realized I would be doing it as much as I could. The progression from amateur to pro was an exciting adventure that laid a solid foundation for my professional career. Being a professional wakeboarder is continually teaching me many life lessons that extend far past the scope of wakeboarding. The opportunity to live my dream is something I don´t take for granted and therefore I push myself on a daily basis to improve both on and off the water.

Nickname: AA or All American 

D.O.B: April 8th, 1982
Lives: Orlando, FL, USA
Competitor since: 2002


Birthday: April 8th, 1982
Born: chattanooga, TN
Live: Auburndale, Florida.
Height: 5’11
Weight: 160lbs.
Shoes: 11 US.
Hair: Brown + Blonde.
Eyes: Blue.
Board: CWB Transcend
Bindings: CWB AA Binding.  Their my Pro Model Binding with CWB
Boat: Loaded Mastercraft X-star with extra ballast.
Favorite Music: My iphone, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Ben Folds
Favorite Food: I’ve had the same answer to this since 1st grade... Pizza!
Interests: Surfing, Photography, Husbandry

Who/What Motivates you: Anyone that has Success in what they do.
Inspirations: Shaun Murray, Zane Schwenk, Richard Branson, 
Favorite Lake/Venue: North of my hometown of Panama City, FL I’d have to go with Lucas Lake and White Western.
Career Highlights: 2009 Masters Champion, 2009 World Games Champion, 2x WWA World Champion.  All of my Career Highlights are on my website
Best Wakeboarding Memory: The first time I stood up on a wakeboard and the first time I won the World Championship. 
Funniest Wakeboarding Moment: WAY too many to list!!  Shaun Murray woke me up one morning by chainsawing down my bedroom door.  You don’t see that every day!





Marcus Brown

The Man:Marcus Brown, is a professional water skier, coach, ambassador and visionary. In the past decade he has served as an athlete representative, organized professional events, competed as one of the elite skiers of the World and helped to revolutionize the sport. He is ranked 5th in the World and is the current US Open Champion. Marcus and his crew are stoked, having this chance to bring water skiing back to the people…all people, skiers or not.


Jenny LaBaw

The Trainer:Jenny LaBaw, with her love for sport and exercise, chose a career as a personal trainer so she could share her passion with others. Being introduced to the sport of waterskiing a little over a year ago, gave her a new challenge, not only as an athlete herself, but also professionally as a trainer. She has had the opportunity to train Marcus Brown in the off season and study the body mechanics of a waterskier in order to develop exercise programs to enhance strength and conditioning for the sport. Jenny has her BA in Fitness and Wellness and is a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT). Her goal with the Face to Face Tour is to reach out to the skiers and make them realize the importance of off-the-water training and preparation in order to enhance their on-the-water skills.


The Tour:The Face To Face tour will be the first of its kind in water skiing. For three months, beginning May 2008, Marcus and his crew will travel coast to coast in a custom Peterbuilt towing a 40th Anniversary MasterCraft boat. The tour will offer top notch water ski clinics, training programs, free ski days with a Pro, charity benefit days, public outreach days, celebrity appearances, gear demos, autographed posters, magazines, DVDs, film premieres and more. The tour will hit up four pro events throughout the summer and will travel over 12,000 miles bringing extreme slalom to the masses, on the lakes, rivers and swamps of the United States. Make sure you poke around the site, click the “Tour” link for specific dates and locations, and don’t miss a chance to catch the Tour this summer!