Hydraulic Hoist - Payback Time (Personality #1 - The Cheapskate)

Sun, Mar 07, 2010 @ 10:27 PM / by Jim Ampulski

Let's talk about value.  Over the years we've talked to thousands of people with a host of different reasons why they bought (or didn't buy) a Summit Marine Retract Hydraulic Lift...  And forgive me for proposing this (because I'm not in favor of pigeon holing any one for any reason), but we've noticed a hand full of personalities that determine ones motivation to move forward toward one goal.  Here's the most frustrating....

The Cheapskate: (Sorry, lets call it like it is...)  This personality displays an overwhelming need to buy the lowest (initial) cost product out there...  You might spot them at a discount bakery haggling over dead dates to get a better price.  They'll spend a dollar to save a dime.  I'm not judging here and if you fit this category, God bless you, you can stop reading now, because anything I'm going to say here won't change your mind.  What I am proposing here is buying a well designed, well built boat lift shouldn't come down to the lowest purchase price...  

  • It should be strong (right? RIGHT?) Buy your next boat lift based on "Will Work" vs "This should be strong enough".  When you press that button to raise your lift - You want to know it's going to work - every time, weekends, and holidays.  And don't be fooled by companies that throw metal at a problem to make it look strong.  Ask them the reasoning behind what they did...  and if you still buy Brand X, remember to tell yourself when it breaks it was worth the $300 cheaper price, (and avoid eye contact with your spouse and kids - especially if they're teenagers with friends over). 
  • Trust your instincts - if it looks like a fish and smells like a fish, well, you get the idea...  When you see a company cut corners, do you think they put more effort into the areas you don't see???  Are you serious?  Look at the stress areas, the gussets, the bearing surfaces.
  • Quality Components - good companies tend to purchase durable components, employ good people, practice good service traits.  Look at all the components - do they have a look and feel that says they'll last a long time. Look at the welding – is it consistent and flowing well?  Look at the fasteners – are they top drawer Stainless or cheap zinc plated.

Talk to existing customers - They'll help you get the low down.  These folks are our best advertising.  Ask them why they bought a Summit Marine Hydraulic Hoist.  Was it the Good Design, or the Loyal Service, maybe the Meticulous Fabrication or the Quality Components, maybe it was the Great Dealer Network?  Whatever it is, make sure you leave enough time for their response…  Our customers tend to brag a bit about this kind of thing… Thanks.

Stay Tuned for more personality traits…

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Jim Ampulski

Written by Jim Ampulski

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