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My season: Not only does Summit Marine make awesome lifts and docks they also take a very active role in our sport.  The Summit Crew is also making custom adjustable rails for cable parks.  Summit takes such a proactive role in our sport I figured their blog would be a good place to keep you posted on my season travels, contests and just riding in general.  I will be posting updates from the road here on so keep checking back throughout the season.  This introduction blog is just to let you know my overall season schedule.  Much more to come, so stay posted.  -Andrew




Andrew's Competition Schedule of Events for 2010:



 March 4-6---------------World Series-Stop One----- Aubu Dhabi 

*April 30-May 1--------------Wake Games-King Of Wake-Stop One----Orlando

 April 26  CWB Poster Shoot------ WinterHaven, FL

 *May 8-9--------- CIE Spring Ride Pro Double Up event-----Northern California.

  *May 14-16---------------World Series-Stop Two-----Belo Horizonte, Brazil

 *May 21-22---------------Pro Tour-Stop One, King of Wake- Stop Two-------Acworth, Georgia

 *May 29-31---------------"The Masters"------Callaway Gardens, Georgia

 *June 5-6-----------------Stop 1 of Cable Triple Crown and Pro Boat event at TSR----New Brunfuls, TX

 *June 11-12--------------Pro Tour-Stop Two, King of Wake-Stop Three ---Fortworth, Texas

 *June 18-19--------------Pro Tour-Stop Three, King of Wake-Stop Four-----Elizabethtown, Kentucky

  July 2-4-------------------World Series-Stop Three-----Abersoch, United Kingdom

 *July 16-17---------------"Nationals"-King of Wake-Stop Five----Sparks, Nevada

 *July 19-20-----Pro Clinics with Mile High Wakeboarding--- Denver, CO

 July 23-24---------------Pro Tour- Stop Four,  King of Wake-Stop Six----------Colorado Springs, Colorado

 *August 6-7--------------World Series-Stop Four (Wake Stock)---------------------Collingwood, Canada

 *August 13-14----------Pro Tour-Stop Five, KIng of Wake-Stop Seven--------Knoxville, Tennessee

 *August 19-22----------World Series-Stop Five, King of Wake-Stop Eight----Orlando, Florida

  October 27-31---------World Series-Stop Six-Finals------------------------------------Manila, Philippines

 September 11-12 Surf Expo------ Orlando, FL 

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